Photography Make Statement without Saying a Word

cropped-photographer-in-lucknow.jpegSrivastava studio didn’t take photographs at our wedding, they caught ideal feelings and mysterious minutes that won’t be felt once more, yet will be recalled until the end of time. Whenever I feel cantankerous I take a gander at our photographs and the memory lights up my day. Photographer in Lucknow has a capacity to unnoticeably mix into the group and take common loose “genuine” shots; precisely what we longed for and you caught it.

Our top choices are the ones of both of us, they were more than what we could have envisioned, you truly captured precisely how we felt that day and we will treasure them until the end of time. Until the point when you have had your enormous day, you don’t understand how imperative those photographs are, your memory is insufficient; the photographs breathe life into it back. Wedding photographer in Lucknow likewise gave us such a customized benefit and truly cared for us.

We truly felt like we were their customers since they made us feel so unique. Worked professionally as well as friendly in nature and made our day a more memorable with their outstanding capability of capturing the snaps. Impeccable job done by the Srivastava studio on our wedding they just made our day.


What You Need To Be Known For Consummate Candid Shots

candid photographer in LucknowGenuine photography is an outright aptitude in its own particular right. You have to know your camera and settings back to front to respond rapidly to evolving conditions. You should have the capacity to peruse a situation and envision what will occur next and be prepared to catch the minute and in particular, you should be innovative and instinctive. These are properties of a photographer in Lucknow gifted in report pictures. Depending on program mode and machine gunning a wedding with your camera is not the appropriate response.

You should be agreed in your environment and the people around you should not feel threatened by your camera. A long focal point is, obviously, a staple and in case you will work hand-held, your screen, speed ought to be no less than twofold the central length you’re shooting at. For instance, 135mm on a 70-200mm focal point, your base shade speed ought to be no under 250th of a moment. On the off chance that it’s anything less, stick it on a monopod. Keep in mind that shooting candid is about NOT attracting regard for the camera so attempt and maintain a strategic distance from streak if at all conceivable.

It’s fairly hard to be in two places immediately. You can’t be caught snapshots of suddenness somewhere else when you’re focusing on what’s before your own particular focal point. So on the off chance that you can, it pays to have a moment picture taker shooting the other way with your own particular camera. On the off chance that you do, ensure they’re taking photos of something other than what’s expected. You don’t need a similar arrangement of candid twice simply taken from various points.


As the candid wedding photographer in Lucknow, it’s not just about pictures, it’s about your relationship building abilities and making them feel great inside your space. Amiability, a drawing in a grin, how you introduce yourself and how you connect with discussion will charm you to the general population who encompass you. Picking up a little trust and regard and anticipating polished skill will mix you into the group as though you were a visitor and it’s then you can catch your pictures unobtrusively and unquestionably, and continue on ahead barely took note.

Shooting at a separation, around f/4, is an incredible approach to disconnect individuals, particularly on the off chance that they are sufficiently bright against a plain foundation. Similarly, however, shooting in an ultra wide at around 14mm and shading can get you appropriate in the core of the activity. A great many people don’t think they are on the edge when they see the focal point isn’t straightforwardly pointing at them so remain loose. Be that as it may, whatever you do, don’t put the mother of the lady of the hour or prepare at the edge of a wide point shot, they won’t thank you for it.

There are such a large number of minutes when you can catch an extraordinary candid, however thinking along the lines of “magnificence” and ‘snapshots of delicacy’s are a decent approach to begin. Catch when the father sees his little girl without precedent for her wedding dress and concentrate on the bride’s face as she pulls up outside the congregation or service scene. Other key minutes incorporate the look of affection on the lady of the hour’s face as she takes a gander at the prep, visitors miles away with their own particular considerations amid the function or the mass congrats of the couple after the service. Attempt to likewise search for topics inside a wedding, for example, caps, shoes, socks, satchels, Fascinators, hues and individuals clasping hands that you could, maybe, make a montage out of and use as remain solitary pictures.

Photographs Your Auspicious Wedding


At my wedding I need everything simply flawless and up to the stamp, appropriate from game plans to designs, cooking, and photography. I need my photos to be quite recently impeccable, photo’s ideal for my creative energy with culminate postures, getting each essential and critical occasion of my wedding. Srivastava Studio was an extreme studio for my wedding photography. They initially demonstrate to me their past work, fulfilling me complete and after that get some information about our desires, what sort of pictures we need from them. I clarified wedding photographer in Lucknow about the sort of photos I need from them.

best photographer in lucknow

Weddings are truly passionate occasions for everybody, so I advised to catch pictures holding feelings impeccably, by us, couple as well as of relatives. As relational unions in India are truly family undertaking and it makes a difference them the most. Best candid photographer in Lucknow nailed down my desires and creative ability with their diligent work and appointment towards their work. They catch my each valuable minute with no wreckage, ideal for my pre-wedding ceremonies to gathering party, including all my uncommon events.

Giving appropriate direction to catch our unique “couple” represents, this swung to be exceptional and lovely photos. We basically cherish the work of Srivastava studio they truly inspired us with every shocking photo flawlessly. Genuine Photographer Captured all the exceptional minute with an ideal blend of light and shading, making them more noteworthy.

Keeps The Time Of Your Minutes, Continuing For a Lifetime

Srivastava Studio2

What is photography? Why photography has turned out to be so critical, why each minute should be caught in an edge. I found every one of the solutions when I met with a photographer in Lucknow. He was a pleasant man of his word and completely proficient in his work. I just watched his work; the snaps which he clicked were quite recently incredible.


Candid photographer in Lucknow work was truly extremely proficient we booked him for my niece’s birthday party. He just knows his work extremely well how to catch the snaps of the youngsters, he has taken the photos in such beautiful path as all the photographs were depicting their snapshot of bliss.

From beginning to end he set our whole visitor quiet, his cordial nature awed our whole visitor and every one of the kids as well. The snaps were so normal and looking so delightful. Beginning from the enhancement to the cake cutting service, he caught every single minute, so delightful that it would seem that each snap is recounting the narrative of the day. I am truly awed by his method of working, being a photographer is not a simple errand, as it needs a considerable measure.

Candid Wedding Photographer on its Utility

CO7A8132 copy

We are so satisfied we pick Srivastava studio to be our wedding picture taker. We devoted ourselves completely to making our big day truly uncommon and individual to us; photographer in Lucknow totally comprehended this and caught it impeccably, totally surpassing our desires.

The pre-wedding photograph shoot was a splendid method for becoming acquainted with – so when Wedding Photographer in Lucknow touched base at our bungalows to catch the ‘preparing’ minutes it was much the same as having another companion to hang out with and this proceeded for the duration of the day. It was likewise extremely supportive regarding feeling casual and agreeable before the camera so that on the big day we could get rapidly some wonderful shots of simply both of us that resemble something out of a magazine.


He was so well mannered and cordial and we cherished that he made the entire photography encounter great fun. We are totally excited with our wedding photographs; Nitin flawlessly caught every one of the feelings of the day, the magnificence of the scene and design where we had the wedding and all the little subtle elements that made it individual to us. The reportage pictures of us and our visitors are impressive – some exceptionally clever and moving shots.

Each time we look through the photographs we spot something new: an articulation, a signpost, a stolen minute – they truly recount the narrative of the day in the most ideal way that could be available. He gave a phenomenal administration all the way and on the big day a number of our visitors remarked on what an astonishing occupation he was doing and how he obviously appreciated shooting the day.

Wedding photographer in Lucknow

Radiant Wedding Photography By Srivastava Studio

Srivastava Photography.jpg

As Indian culture, Indian Wedding photographs are also full of colors and vibrant. My wedding photographs are the same they are so beautiful, capturing different emotions of people present around with lots of colors.

I was really impressed by alluring photographs of my wedding that was captured by Srivastava studio. I formerly heard about a photographer in Lucknow and their photography skills, but never had a chance to hire them but my wedding gave me that chance. And the result was really satisfying and fulfilling.

Wedding Photography

As they promised, pictures were adorable. Striking backgrounds with rigorous posing and skilled photography hands result in aesthetic photographs. Professionals of Srivastava studio are well erudite with photography skills which show in their photographs.

Apart from this wedding photographer in Lucknow are extremely professional, on my wedding at the time of exchanging garlands, rain was drizzling as our stage was covered we doesn’t have any problem and at some distance where guest were present, the area was covered with tent, so they also doesn’t have any problem, but photographer doesn’t run-off from their places and when we were trying to shift our schedule, they insisted on continuing. In such condition, the images captured by them are really beautiful and eye-catching.

Exciting Pre-Wedding Shoot With Srivastava Studio

Pre Wedding

Being an old customer of Srivastava Studio I can say that they never fail to surprise their customers by their quirky captures. As my old family tradition, we book Srivastava Studio for my wedding photography. Wedding photographs clicked by them, were awesome but the photographs that grasp my great attention were of my pre-wedding shoot.

These shoots are trendy nowadays and have gripping aspect in it. Pre-wedding shoots are fun, gives more freedom, relaxed environment shoots as it doesn’t have any fixed schedule attached to it. For the same reason, we were really excited for our pre-wedding shots and as expected skilled hands of a photographer in Lucknow does their magic. Images of pre-wedding shoot came out really well, capturing photographs in fun and romantic way. Well skilled and practiced hands of a candid photographer in Lucknow captured natural, candid photographs which we don’t even know when he clicked them were so beautiful.


Some images which were shot with color/smoke bombs were really unique and aesthetic which can add new life to the photographs. These photographs came out really well, which we will cherish all our life.

Thus a knowledgeable and skilled photographer can capture your lifetime memories in a beautiful way.

Stunning Clicks Give Us Alluring Photographs

Candid Photographer in Lucknow
Candid Photographer in Lucknow

Having a photography experience with Srivastava Studio, I can tell all you guys that they capture transforming photographs of their clients with their magical hands. The photographs that they had taken of me, the bride were enormously beautiful.

They grasp me beautifully on their camera candid photographer in Lucknow captures the photographs that were reflecting my personality. As photographers they didn’t force me for any specific photograph pose and set me free, which give me beautiful and natural photographs. Although they give me their professional advice and guide me well for some poses that were stunning.

Some of the poses that were unique and stick to my mind was mirror pose. They click me while I was standing beside mirror that comes out awesomely. My full pose photograph reflects my whole bridal look through their lens, they guide me for pose that were highlighting my beautiful mehendi giving me gorgeous picture.

Candid Wedding Photographer in Lucknow
Candid Wedding Photographer in Lucknow

All the efforts that were taken by candid wedding photographer in Lucknow were clearly showing on my wedding album. The creativity of them had given us unique bridal poses and those were stimulating my beauty on my wedding images. The capable and talented hands of Srivastava Studio photographers capture my precious wedding memories in most efficient way possible.

How to Get Unique Pre-Wedding Shots?

Photographer in Lucknow

Pre wedding shoots are new trends in India, it give some out of the box photographs, as compare to other traditional wedding photographs. Pre wedding photos are clicked in fun, stress free and unplanned environment, so it gives better photographs.

Srivastava studio being a professional wedding photographer for many years, they know every zest of photography. Pre wedding photography new mania nowadays is becoming popular among ‘young couple’ who are about to get married. Photographer in Lucknow is giving some interesting tips for pre-wedding photography which are based on his experience:

  • As a photographer you must convince your clients for early morning shoots, as it will give some astounding photograph that even your clients hasn’t imagined.
  • Priorly direct your clients about their outfits that will suit them best. Instruct them to have coordinating outfits.
  • Try to have some big & bright designs that are camera friendly and try to avoid whites.
  • According to best candid photographer in Lucknow a photographer must be open and communicate well to his clients, ask them what they expect and you can also give some professional advice to them.
  • Instruct to-be-brides to have some makeup, as camera is not friendly to their bare skin. Makeup brings drastic change to their photographs.
  • To bring diversity to your photographs, you must use props as it gives some uniqueness. A photographer must use his creativity, he either can bring his own propping element or can use the objects as prop that are available at the location.

These tips will enhance pre-wedding shoots and will give some unique photographs.