Photography Make Statement without Saying a Word

cropped-photographer-in-lucknow.jpegSrivastava studio didn’t take photographs at our wedding, they caught ideal feelings and mysterious minutes that won’t be felt once more, yet will be recalled until the end of time. Whenever I feel cantankerous I take a gander at our photographs and the memory lights up my day. Photographer in Lucknow has a capacity to unnoticeably mix into the group and take common loose “genuine” shots; precisely what we longed for and you caught it.

Our top choices are the ones of both of us, they were more than what we could have envisioned, you truly captured precisely how we felt that day and we will treasure them until the end of time. Until the point when you have had your enormous day, you don’t understand how imperative those photographs are, your memory is insufficient; the photographs breathe life into it back. Wedding photographer in Lucknow likewise gave us such a customized benefit and truly cared for us.

We truly felt like we were their customers since they made us feel so unique. Worked professionally as well as friendly in nature and made our day a more memorable with their outstanding capability of capturing the snaps. Impeccable job done by the Srivastava studio on our wedding they just made our day.



Photograph Your Wedding With Best Wedding Photographer

Candid Wedding Photographer in Lucknow

We had the pleasure of having Srivastava studio be the photographer  for our goal wedding. It was a joy to work with appropriate from the word go. Wedding photographer in Lucknow in a split second influenced us to feel quiet and made the entire arranging process so casual, it was a solace to know we were working with such an expert. A month prior to the wedding we had our pre-wedding shoot, which allowed us to get comfortable with being captured and we go for some extremely delightful regular shots which we utilized for a visitor book.

Every one of our visitors remarked on how wonderful these were alongside the photos that were shown on the site after the wedding. Neither of us were fanatics of organized pictures which we had seen such a significant number of times from different weddings, so we needed our day to be caught as normally as would be prudent and this was a simple errand with Srivastava Studio. They caught everything in its regular habitat and each photo was so novel.

For a few visitors who are not used to being shot, he influenced them to feel comfortable. He was wherever on the day catching each minute, yet without being excessively meddling. He was more similar to a companion at the wedding as opposed to a photographer. We would profoundly prescribe Nitin to any couple getting hitched. His photos bring back such huge numbers of recollections of our unique day that goes very rapidly. It’s awesome to have such incredible snaps to think back on.

Photograph Your Special Day With Best Wedding Photographer

DSC_5589Simply needed to state a colossal thank you for capturing our big day. We are past excited with the outcomes. We knew from the beginning,  we didn’t need the customary style photographs and Srivastava studio positively conveyed. Wedding photographer in Lucknow fitted in so effortlessly in my home while we were preparing and gotten some stunning photographs and did as such in an unpretentious way.

They were splendid from the moment they landed to the moment they cleared out. They coordinated into the gathering so well that there were various events where you could overlook they were there to take photos and not visitors at the wedding. We had a ton of fun with them and at no time did we ever drop out of our customary range of familiarity.

This prompted some splendidly inventive photographs and even awesome night shots. Srivastava studio photography truly knows how to conceive brand new ideas and have given us some wonderful and one of a kind recollections. On the day, they went above and past to guarantee this happened. They give an incredible scope of bundles and work in such a casual, however proficient way that you can’t resist the urge to love what they do.

We’re enchanted Srivastava Studio has been so fast getting the photographs to us. It was awesome to have them when we got once again from Honeymoon. The introduction of the photographs and the individual touches you incorporate are an exceptional touch, that were extremely appreciative for. I can’t suggest Srivastava Studio  enough, they are a joy to have as a major aspect of our big day. A couple of companions have asked for your points of interest and we have passed them on with a sparkling report.

Grand In Your Wedding Photography With Srivastava Studio


Presently are days photography is recently not considered workmanship, it must be more innovative and when its seek the unique day minute its truly vital to get the perfect shots. For that we were searching for the photographer who can give us the best result.

Following quite a while of making arrangements for our exceptional day, in a couple of hours the music blurs the light go off, and the dress is secured until the end of time. All we have the recollections that are caught in the Srivastava studio photo. Candid photographer in Lucknow gains these experiences totally exceptional. He tries to comprehend and draws out our one of a kind identity in the way he catches our wedding.

They play around with the couple, comforts them. Their focal point gets minutes that leave quickly – the expression on your fathers look as he hands you over, the articulation when you prep sees you enter the congregation. Above all, your photos are one of a kind since they have Srivastava studio touch. Hitched couples who saw our photos needed to get hitched once more, just so the photographer could shoot them. We are super thankful that we had such capable photographer who give us such supernatural recollections of our wedding.

They are truly an exceptionally skilled picture taker with a sharp eye for subtle elements. They are to a great degree, proficient at work, was dependably on time and made an awesome showing with regards to. They have an astonishing method for being so inconspicuous with the goal that we scarcely see them as they catch those extraordinary minutes. Unguarded, delicate and delightful that others won’t not take note.

Captured Your Child First Move and Smile with Srivastava Studio

Child First Move and Smile

Sincere photography is a workmanship, it caught the regular photos or a moment snaps of the occasions. I was prepping in the recreation center with my little girl, I meat with one of my companion, we kept began talking.

I disclosed to her I need a picture taker for my girl shoot, as she is developing I need her representations in my home as a recollections of her growing up. She recommended me the Srivastava studio and disclosed to me that, the proprietor of the studio was extremely expert and best at the open photos. I just went to the studio and requested their photography benefit; photographer in Lucknow was exceptionally considerate and enchanting nature individual.

Prior to the shoot he began playing and conversing with my little girl to make her agreeable. When he began the shoot, he knows his work extremely well, how to comfort the individual. He didn’t request that her give any posture or act; he just in a flash tapped the photos with in numbers.

I was in question that how the photos will look, following couple of days I got every one of the snaps and genuinely while seeing those photos I was stunned for some time. The photos were looking so normal and exceptional, he caught every one of the minutes so delightfully that every single snaps were telling about my little girl joy and happiness. I truly like the way Srivastava Studio Handel my little girl photograph shoot, making her so agreeable before the camera.

Capture Your Child Moments With Best Photographer


We as a whole realize that clicking a photo isn’t an extreme assignment these days as each individual, even a little youngster can click a photo yet there is a colossal contrast between proficient photography and typical photography. Having this thing in my mind, I booked Srivastava Films for first birthday celebration gathering of my child. As it was her first birthday celebration party, we needed to catch each look at it.

Photographer in Lucknow demonstrated their marvelous photographic abilities by clicking charming birthday photos of my child. The open photos of his are impressive to the point that our eyes stuck in those photos. These expert picture takers are knowledgeable with all details and idiosyncrasy of taking photos. They skillfully catch our valuable recollections as photos of my tyke, our entire family and our nearby relatives and companions.


I was additionally awed with the polished skill of these photographers as a candid photographer in Lucknow some time ago came to in the area to catch the subject and the setting of the gathering. Consequently, I had the best understanding of expert photography so far as every one of the photos was so stunning particularly real to life photos of my child. A few ticks are adorable to the point that we are intending to outline them.

Influence Your Photography To Emerge From Other With Srivastava Studio


Weddings are continually being brilliant, glad and to a great degree significant minute for each individual. These are the minutes, which a man needs to recollect all their life. Photos are a portion of the most effortless path through which individuals can catch those minutes throughout their life. Photos are inventive experimentation that is conveyed forward to catch past snapshots of our life. These minutes are the best period of our life which we need to think back over and over in the future. Photographs are most helpful and regular medium to catch valuable and jaunty snapshots of my life.

Srivastava studio gives careful consideration in keeping up and rendering quality photos for our customers. As we realize that photos are not just constrained to detail and imagination, nature of photos additionally assumes its part in giving charming picture. The Sahu Photographers hold their aptitude in real photography. Candid photographer in Lucknow isn’t just very much aware of the details and traps to catch wonderful genuine photos, yet in addition perseveres through uncommon qualities which give unimaginable photos.

Photographer of this studio knows every one of the details of catching the photos. Precarious and imaginative utilization of light while clicking down the photos gives them a portion of the unmatched snaps. These snaps are interesting, as well as the inventive point which is utilized while catching these photos shows of the imagination of these expert picture takers. Proficient photographer of this studio put stock into rendering great pic at their each snap.

Srivastava Studio with their times of training and experience have aced their aptitudes in various types of catching extraordinary snapshots of their customers. While clicking down wedding photos, photographer of this studio puts their endeavors in clicking down dazzled photos of couple photography as well as of family pics.

Cherished Your Moments With Best Photographer Of The City


It was a dull undertaking for me to choose a photographer who suits me chief for my wedding which was coming around. For my wedding photography I needed a picture taker who catches in most lucrative and excellent way.

I got some decent audits about Srivastava studio, for example, they conveyed their work at the time they have settled upon, they generally endeavor to give their best work in the concurred spending plan. Later on I saw that those qualities which were called attention to by my companion were truly valid. While being a customer of candid wedding photographer in Lucknow I was loaded with most extreme fulfillment. They gave me the photos as they guaranteed. Every one of the pictures taken by them were truly adorning and excellent. They put their earnest attempts in catching lovely photos of us, the couple and of all other relatives of mine.

They change all my valuable minutes into extolling photos. Through their expert direction pictures ended up being so adorning and captivating. Their direction had given us photos that were straight out of magazines. Demonstrable skill of wedding photographer in Lucknow and their designation towards work had given us fantastic photos.

So I can presume that Srivastava studio is so proficient and committed towards their work that they give zero chance for any grumbling to their client.

Best Studio Which Fulfills All Your Photography Needs


Despite the fact that photography is a specialized calling, however, it is impossible with any non-specialized information. Details can just make great photos, however non specialized traps can upgrade the excellence of photos.

Here, Srivastava studio is giving a portion of the non-specialized traps which would be useful for the general population who are very little more in fact slanted. Being an accomplished and very much prepared photographer in Lucknow is giving some non specialized traps in photography:

  • Shoot either early morning or around evening time: One ought to dependably abstain from shooting in bright days, as it generally brings brutal features and shadows, in the event that you don’t know how to deal with these lights. Early morning shots give you delightful photos and daylight improves magnificence of photos.
  • Frame your photo: It is most essential for a picture taker to deliberately outline his photo. Organize every last component of the photo in the legitimate and proper request. The legitimate course of action of the subject gives decorating the photo.
  • Capture your subject firmly: Best photographer in Lucknow proposes to put your subject sufficiently close to catch the points of interest. A nearby photo gets the glow and energy of the subject.
  • Shoot minutes: Any photographer, who catches minute more as opposed to accentuating essentially on the subject, gets better photos. Minutes convey uniqueness to photographer and an individual can likewise identify with those minutes later on.


These traps given by a wedding photographer in Lucknow will help the individual who isn’t particularly actually progressed and can unquestionably enhance his photography through enhancing his non specialized abilities.

What You Need To Be Known For Consummate Candid Shots

candid photographer in LucknowGenuine photography is an outright aptitude in its own particular right. You have to know your camera and settings back to front to respond rapidly to evolving conditions. You should have the capacity to peruse a situation and envision what will occur next and be prepared to catch the minute and in particular, you should be innovative and instinctive. These are properties of a photographer in Lucknow gifted in report pictures. Depending on program mode and machine gunning a wedding with your camera is not the appropriate response.

You should be agreed in your environment and the people around you should not feel threatened by your camera. A long focal point is, obviously, a staple and in case you will work hand-held, your screen, speed ought to be no less than twofold the central length you’re shooting at. For instance, 135mm on a 70-200mm focal point, your base shade speed ought to be no under 250th of a moment. On the off chance that it’s anything less, stick it on a monopod. Keep in mind that shooting candid is about NOT attracting regard for the camera so attempt and maintain a strategic distance from streak if at all conceivable.

It’s fairly hard to be in two places immediately. You can’t be caught snapshots of suddenness somewhere else when you’re focusing on what’s before your own particular focal point. So on the off chance that you can, it pays to have a moment picture taker shooting the other way with your own particular camera. On the off chance that you do, ensure they’re taking photos of something other than what’s expected. You don’t need a similar arrangement of candid twice simply taken from various points.


As the candid wedding photographer in Lucknow, it’s not just about pictures, it’s about your relationship building abilities and making them feel great inside your space. Amiability, a drawing in a grin, how you introduce yourself and how you connect with discussion will charm you to the general population who encompass you. Picking up a little trust and regard and anticipating polished skill will mix you into the group as though you were a visitor and it’s then you can catch your pictures unobtrusively and unquestionably, and continue on ahead barely took note.

Shooting at a separation, around f/4, is an incredible approach to disconnect individuals, particularly on the off chance that they are sufficiently bright against a plain foundation. Similarly, however, shooting in an ultra wide at around 14mm and shading can get you appropriate in the core of the activity. A great many people don’t think they are on the edge when they see the focal point isn’t straightforwardly pointing at them so remain loose. Be that as it may, whatever you do, don’t put the mother of the lady of the hour or prepare at the edge of a wide point shot, they won’t thank you for it.

There are such a large number of minutes when you can catch an extraordinary candid, however thinking along the lines of “magnificence” and ‘snapshots of delicacy’s are a decent approach to begin. Catch when the father sees his little girl without precedent for her wedding dress and concentrate on the bride’s face as she pulls up outside the congregation or service scene. Other key minutes incorporate the look of affection on the lady of the hour’s face as she takes a gander at the prep, visitors miles away with their own particular considerations amid the function or the mass congrats of the couple after the service. Attempt to likewise search for topics inside a wedding, for example, caps, shoes, socks, satchels, Fascinators, hues and individuals clasping hands that you could, maybe, make a montage out of and use as remain solitary pictures.

Photographs Your Auspicious Wedding


At my wedding I need everything simply flawless and up to the stamp, appropriate from game plans to designs, cooking, and photography. I need my photos to be quite recently impeccable, photo’s ideal for my creative energy with culminate postures, getting each essential and critical occasion of my wedding. Srivastava Studio was an extreme studio for my wedding photography. They initially demonstrate to me their past work, fulfilling me complete and after that get some information about our desires, what sort of pictures we need from them. I clarified wedding photographer in Lucknow about the sort of photos I need from them.

best photographer in lucknow

Weddings are truly passionate occasions for everybody, so I advised to catch pictures holding feelings impeccably, by us, couple as well as of relatives. As relational unions in India are truly family undertaking and it makes a difference them the most. Best candid photographer in Lucknow nailed down my desires and creative ability with their diligent work and appointment towards their work. They catch my each valuable minute with no wreckage, ideal for my pre-wedding ceremonies to gathering party, including all my uncommon events.

Giving appropriate direction to catch our unique “couple” represents, this swung to be exceptional and lovely photos. We basically cherish the work of Srivastava studio they truly inspired us with every shocking photo flawlessly. Genuine Photographer Captured all the exceptional minute with an ideal blend of light and shading, making them more noteworthy.